​​Stage 1 – visit the station

Meet the manager of the station on a drill night to discuss the role, the hours of cover and response times.  

Drill night details and contacts


Stage 2 – application form

​We are currently working towards an online application form which will be live when the next recruitment campaign begins.


Stage 3 – fitness/psychometric tests at Service Training Centre

You will be required to undertake practical tests which assess your level of fitness and strength. The point of entry fitness requirement is 42.3VO2 which is equivalent to Level 8.6 on the Multi-Stage Shuttle Run/Chester Treadmill test.​ ​There will be two written tests; working with numbers and understanding information based at our Training Centre in Chorley. The document below explains the psychometric test in more detail.​

Pyschometric testing

The two films below show demonstrations of the Multi-Stage Shuttle Run and the Chester Treadmill test.


​Stage 4 – practical assessment day (PAD day)

Assessment day at our training centre in Chorley where you'll be tested on practical exercises based on the national firefighter selection tests and carry out the following exercises:

  • Extension of a 13.5m ladder
  • Ladder climb
  • Ladder lift
  • Equipment carry
  • Casualty evacuation
  • Confined space test



To find out more about the levels of physical fitness required to become a firefighter, download this booklet which has been created by the National Fire Chiefs Council.

Stage 5 - interview

An interview at the local fire station. ​


Stage 6 – final checks

You will need to have a medical and provide suitable references. ​​​