​​Below is the job description for the Head of Fleet and Technical Services​

  • To assist the Deputy Chief Fire Officer (Head of Strategy and Planning) to develop and operate an efficient, commercially orientated Fleet and Technical Services Department in accordance with the Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service Annual Budget

  • To plan, organise, control and be responsible for making the most effective and economical use of fleet resources.  To set and monitor performance/financial targets for each work area of the Department

  • To develop, implement, monitor and review adequate and effective policies and systems in connection with fleet services employee training, Health & Safety, equipment and tools, workshop premises, quality control/assurance, work planning etc

  • To co-ordinate and direct fleet service operations at headquarters ensuring that managers, supervisors and others undertake all work to the required standard of quality, safety and cost and Have the necessary resources to carry out their work effectively and efficiently

  • To oversee and direct the work of the Technical Services team in connection with materials and component requirements, specifications, testing, modification and procurement

  • To liaise with the Deputy Chief Fire Officer (Head of Strategy and Planning) to ensure that satisfactory administrative, financial and personnel procedures are developed/operated to support the work of the department