​​Below is the job description for the Head of Human Resources​

  • To lead and support the development and implementation of HR policy across all areas of the organisation including improving performance, maximising attendance and providing effective management of change. Work with the HR team to develop, co-ordinate, implement and audit all HR activity within the department and across the organisation

  • Provide advice to managers on pay, conditions of service matters, employee relations issues and policies taking into account current employment and case law to influence best practice and operational activity

  • Make proper arrangements for the effective recruitment of personnel to maintain the capacity and capability of the organisation.  Maintain effective employee relations including participation, consultation and negotiation with representative bodies and ensure maintenance of productive working relationships with all colleagues

  • Ensure effective implementation of the disciplinary and grievance procedures for all employee groups

  • Provide an effective occupational health service including involvement in the determination of policies in individual cases of long-term absences and ill health retirements. Determine, monitor and co-ordinate the Service’s Absence Management Policy

  • Monitoring Officer and Account Manager for Payroll & Pensions.  Budget holder for personnel and other services – including Pensions Holding account.  Provide advice and guidance on the operation of Firefighter Pension Schemes  and the Local Government Pension Scheme. (The CFA has ‘scheduled body’ status.)  Determine action required in conjunction with LCC as the administering body