This section provides guidance and advice to help you comply with fire safety law. It also provides general guidance and advice on how to avoid a fire in the workplace, as well as reducing the impact of a fire if one does occur.

People often under-rate fire risk. "I didn't think it would happen to us" is commonly heard by our firefighters after at a home or a business. But what could be worse than losing your building and everything inside it your equipment, your records, your machinery – and possibly having customers and staff killed or seriously hurt?

We know that being a business owner or manager means you're subject to a whole range of regulations covering everything you do and fire safety is just one of these. Red tape and bureaucracy isn't our business… but keeping people safe from fire and other hazards is.

You'll find information to help you on these pages or you could go to our Business Support Plus Service which includes a free fire risk assessment tool which will help you make informed decisions about fire safety and create a one-stop-shop for collecting information you need to demonstrate compliance.

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