​​​​​​​​Our firefighters and specialist community fire safety staff aim to visit every Year 2 and Year 6 class in Lancashire every year, delivering lessons for each age group which complement any individual school's safety education programme. ​


What do we offer?​

Childsafe – Year 2​

This lesson usually lasts one hour and focuses on increasing knowledge about fire risks and awareness of what to do in the event of a fire.

It covers:

  • ​General fire risks

  • Dangers of matches and lighters - students will watch a film of "Frances the Firefly"

  • What to do if clothes catch fire using the "Stop, Drop and Roll" technique

  • Understanding what a smoke alarm is and the importance of having a working one

  • The importance of having an escape action or fire plan (similar to a fire drill in school) - this is reinforced by the film "Freddie and Filbert's Fire Plan"

  • Applying an escape action plan through role play and how to call 999

You can download "Frances the Firefly" story booklet if you click here

At the end of the lesson classroom materials will be provided and every child will be given a leaflet to take home to help reinforce understanding. You can download that document here.




Childsafe – Year 6​​

This hour-long lesson is a more in-depth focus on fire safety alongside the consequences of anti-social behaviour linked to fire including arson and making hoax calls.​

It covers:

  • ​Information​ about what the Fire and Rescue Service does

  • How quickly fire spreads - by watching film clips of real fires

  • What to do in the event of a fire and the importance of having a working smoke alarm

  • Revision of escape action plans and the "Stop, Drop and Roll" technique

  • The possible consequences of deliberate fire setting (arson) and making hoax calls - through watching film clips


At the end of the lesson classroom materials will be provided, including "For Pete's Sake Jake"​ a follow up activity booklet that can be photocopied.

Each child will be given a leaflet to take home to help reinforce understanding at home. Further learning can be accessed via this link which takes you to an interactive film "Childsafe in the Home" designed to be a homework task that can be watched at home.



How do we book?​



Our staff contact schools to arrange visits. However if you wish to organise a visit for a particular time, please contact:

Service Headquarters
01772 862545


Special Educational Needs

We recognise that children and young people with special educational needs could be more vulnerable to the dangers of fire but recognise that teaching for special educational needs requires more than a single lesson plan.  We appreciate that that teachers know their class or pupil best; what their abilities are, how much they can take-in and what activities are suitable.​

We have created SENsafe – a toolkit of 27 activities, each lasting around 15 minutes, that use the whole range of senses  which can be mixed and matched to suit an individual group's needs.

It covers:

  • ​​Concept of fire

  • ​​Fire hazards

  • Smoke alarms

  • Escaping from fire

  • Calling the fire service

  • What to do if your clothes catch on fire

  • Firefighter's uniform/ fire engine

  • Involving Parents/Carers​

Each session also has an evaluation process​. Click here to download the toolkit


How do we book?

Close liaison between the teacher and Fire and Rescue Service personnel will determine the bespoke format and content to make sure that the audience's needs are understood and that the setting is appropriate. The teacher will also be the lead on decisions surrounding the best means of delivery. It is recommended that a meeting take place to decide upon the best approach prior to the actual sessions taking place.

For further information please contact:

Service Headquarters
01772 862545