​​​Being a wholetime firefighter is an immensly rewarding role and there are lots of opportunities for firefighters to progress to a range of managerial and specialist roles.

In Lancashire, the majority of our firefighters are wholetime firefighters who work different shift systems depending on their station's risk profile. The role is sometimes far removed from how it can be portrayed on television. Shift working, working in arduous conditions, dealing with people who are suffering, facing highly stressful situations and carrying out drills and repetitive tasks combined with the demand of providing practical and professional advice to the public in their own homes make it a challenging role. 

With such a varied job, firefighters need a combination of physical strength and stamina, intelligence, bravery, strength of character and compassion. Initial training is intense and thorough and includes theoretical lectures as well as practical exercises.

We are not currently recruiting for wholetime firefighters at the moment. Please continue to check our website for information about future recruitment campaigns.