Persons reported in Fleetwood at 00:09 hours.

Location: Warren Street Further details: Fire involving pan on cooker of ground floor kitchen.  All persons accounted for.  Ventilation unit in use. The occupants alerted by working smoke alarms fitted by Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service. Damage: Severe by heat to grill pan and contents.  Light by smoke to remainder of property. Contact: Control Incident number: 1366.

Road traffic collision in Balderstone at 1431hrs

Location: Longsight Road Further details: Road traffic collision involving 4 vehicles, 1 person released by fire service personnel. Holmatro cutting equipment in use Contact: Blackburn fire station Incident number: 1321

Garage fire in Skelmersdale at 14:08

Location:  Stonemill Rise, Appley Bridge. Further Details:  Fire involving internal ground floor garages of detached property.  6 Breathing Apparatus, 2 Hose Reels, Ventilation Unit and Breaking-In Tools in use. Damage:  Severe by fire to garage and contents.  Moderate by heat to external fittings.  Moderate by smoke to remainder of property.  Moderate by heat to guttering and fascia to neighbouring property.  Severe by heat to front of vehicle. Contact:  Skelmersdale Fire Station. Incident number:  1319.

Fire in basement flat in Morecambe at 0352 hrs

Location: Sefton Road, Morecambe Further details: Fire involving small quantity of paper in basement flat 2 breathing apparatus in use Damage: Severe by fire to quantity of paper. Moderate by fire to plastic double glazed basement door. Contact: Morecambe fire station Incident No. 1284  

Shed Fire in Skelmersdale at 23:51

Location:  School Lane, Skelmersdale Further details:  Fire involving single storey shed, well alight. 1 hose reel and thermal imaging camera in use Damage:  Severe by fire to shed and contents Contact:  Skelmersdale Fire Station Incident number 1276    

Chip Range Fire in Fleetwood at 23:57

Location:  London Street, Fleetwood Further details:  Fire involving chip range on ground floor. 2 ventilation units in use Damage:  Moderate smoke damage to kitchen Contact:  Fleetwood Fire Station Incident number:  1278

Garage fire in Euxton at 2309hrs

Location: Milestone Meadow Euxton Further details: Garage well alight – 2 breathing apparatus 2 hose reels in use Damage: 100% by fire to garage Contact: Chorley Fire Station Incident no: 1267

Kitchen fire in Blackburn at 22:09

Location:  Regents View, Blackburn Further details:  Fire involving kitchen of semi detached property. First floor heavily smoke logged. 4 breathing apparatus. 1 hose reel and ventilation unit in use. Damage:  Severe by fire and smoke to kitchen and contents, severe by smoke to ground floor and moderate by smoke to first floor. Contact:  Blackburn Fire Station Incident number:  1256

Overturned tractor in Nelson at 16;22

Location; Stan top rd Further details; 1 tractor overturned 1 male person trapped fire service personnel assisting paramedics with casualty longboard in use Contact; Nelosn Fire Station Incident number; 1220

Fire involving Shed in Barnoldswick at 1405Hrs

Location: Victoria Road, Barnoldswick Further Details: Fire involving shed. 2 Hose reels in use. Damage: One garden shed and contents severe by fire. Contact Control room Incident number 1206