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Kitchen Safety In Ramadan

Ramadan is a challenging time of year for anyone in the Muslim community who is observing the fast and particularly so at this time of year when fasting takes place in the summer months. This year the fast is due to start on the 18th June, which means people will be fasting for around 17 hours. During this period, cooking for large groups, at unusual times combined with fatigue can play a big part in increasing the chances of having a fire break out in the home. Tony Crook, the Prevention, Protection and Road Safety … Continue reading

KICK Starting A Long Term Project

Back in February Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service joined forces with Wigan Athletic Community trust and set up the ‘Kicks’ community football coaching project in the Tanhouse and Digmoor areas of Skelmersdale. These free sessions are currently held every Thursday at Skelmersdale fire station and the Evermoor hub in Digmoor on Friday, from 6pm until 8pm and so far they have proved to be very popular with young people in those areas. The sessions are run by staff from the Wigan Athletic Community Trust alongside two of Skelmersdale’s own firefighters Mike Worthington and Dominic O’Hanlon … Continue reading

Lancashire Lends Support To Lancashire’s Carers

This Carers Week (8-14 June) Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service, as part of the Fire Kills campaign, is reaching out to local carers and reminding them that help is available to keep them, and the people they care for, safe from fire. Fire safety is another worry on an ever-growing list for those with the extra responsibility of looking after an elderly relative, sick friend or a disabled family member. A recent survey showed that more than half of the people who had tested someone else’s smoke alarm had done so for an older family … Continue reading

CFOA Road Safety Week

This year’s road safety week (8th -14th June) focuses on young drivers and passenger distractions and Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service will be out and about promoting this message at road safety events across the county. Young people are still disproportionally at risk on our roads, more so when they first pass their test. In a society where this age group are so used to being able to multi-task, like watching TV and texting, whilst using the internet and chatting with friends etc. they might be less likely to anticipate the dangers of doing so whilst … Continue reading

Bay Radio Getting Put To The Test

Lancaster fire station is recruiting retained firefighters and as part of the campaign we’ve got Darren from The Bay Radio heading over to our training centre in Chorley this Saturday. He’ll be taking on all of the same physical tests that firefighters go through when going through the retained firefighter recruitment process in the company of two existing firefighters. We’ll be putting him through his paces running out hose, carrying equipment and assembling it, climbing ladders, rescuing our dummy casualties in the casualty evacuation test and getting claustrophobic in the confined spaces test too. The … Continue reading

Escape Plans – Have you made yours?

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to be stuck in a building where there is a fire or how you would react? This month Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service are supporting the Fire kills theme – escape plans and so we’re hoping to get more people thinking about and planning for what they would do if they had a fire in their home. Owning a smoke alarm is vitally important as it can give you the warning you need to be able to get you and your family out if there is … Continue reading

Water Safety Awareness in Lancaster and Morecambe

From 1st – 7th June Lancashire Fire and Rescue service will be out in the local community promoting water safety in an attempt to raise awareness around the dangers of swimming in open water over the forthcoming summer months. Drowning is the third most common cause of death amongst young people aged between 10 and 18, and over recent year’s firefighters and community safety staff have been delivering water safety awareness sessions across the county in a bid to reduce the amount of casualties. During the week we will be visiting several schools in the … Continue reading

Warnings about candles and fancy dress costumes

On BBC 1’s Watchdog tonight, Claudia Winkleman, the TV presenter, relives the evening her daughter’s clothes caught fire after the fancy dress costume she was wearing brushed against a candle and caught fire. Matilda Winkleman needed several operations to help her recover from her injuries and today her surgeon is calling for stricter fire safety laws on fancy dress costumes which are currently classed as toys and not clothing. This legal flaw means that fancy dress costumes are subject to less rigorous safety tests. Tony Crook, Group Manager responsible for Prevention, Protection and Road Safety … Continue reading

This week is Arson Awareness Week

This week Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service are highlighting the dangers of deliberate fire setting as part of Arson Awareness Week. Deliberate fires involving vehicles, rubbish, wheelie bins and grass can spread quickly and have devastating effects on families, local businesses and the environment. As recently as two weeks ago firefighters were called to tackle a grass fire near Darwen tower and whilst the cause of this fire is still currently under investigation, the fire itself has left both a scar on the landscape and undoubtedly has had an impact on the habitat of wildlife. … Continue reading

Employers Recognised for Retained Support

Station Manager Tony Ashworth of Nelson Fire Station presented Ian Bannister of Graham Engineering with a Certificate of Appreciation recently in recognition of their continued support for Lancashire’s retained firefighters. Graham Engineering employs two retained firefighters; Steve Holden and Matt Chestney, and the company allow them to respond during the day to emergencies whilst they are at work.   “In Lancashire we need to keep retained fire engines available to respond to incidents particularly during the day and so support from local businesses is vital. In Pendle for instance, every fire station relies on retained … Continue reading