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Fire Safety Ambassador Programme Launched for Lancashire School Children

Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service has introduced a new campaign aimed at reducing fire risks around schools, anti social behaviour and encouraging young people to be responsible for fire safety. The Fire Safety Ambassadors programme involves two students in Year 8 at secondary schools across Lancashire taking an active role in identifying potential risks, particularly those associated with fire, in school and its immediate local surroundings and reporting them to the appropriate adults from school and Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service. The Service feels that this programme will assist schools and Lancashire Fire and Rescue … Continue reading

Wake Up to the Deadly Risk: Smoking is the Biggest House Fire Killer

Smokers are being warned that they must wake up to the deadly dangers of smoking – especially when tired – as Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service, part of the Fire Kills campaign, highlights that a third of all deaths in fires in the home are caused by cigarettes. Smoking is the single biggest killer in accidental fires in the home, often because of careless behaviour such as smoking in bed or not taking care after drinking alcohol. And when smokers fall asleep with a lit cigarette in hand, their proximity to the resulting fire seriously … Continue reading

Tick, Tock, Test! with the 1 hour+ clock change this weekend also test your smoke alarms

The Fire Kills campaign is again encouraging people to test their smoke alarms when they change their clocks this coming clock change weekend. The snappy tagline ‘TICK TOCK TEST’, will help remind us all of the need to test our smoke alarms at this time of year.  Smoke alarms save lives, but only if they work, With 211 people dying in fires in the home last year, and over 70% not being alerted to the fire by a smoke alarm, it is essential that people test their smoke alarms regularly.  A working smoke alarm can … Continue reading

When the Chips are down… Get Out and Stay Out

Cooking chips and other foods in a hot oil pan has the potential to develop into a fire if left unattended and Fire crews from Ormskirk want to remind people how to avoid a fire of this nature occurring in the first place and that they should not risk injury by tackling one if it does occur.   Back in late February, an elderly resident in Ormskirk was unfortunately injured as he tried to tackle a hot oil fire in his kitchen. We want to remind the residents of Ormskirk of the dangers involved in … Continue reading

Working together for safer communities

75% of fire stations in Lancashire are crewed wholly or to some extent by retained firefighters – those who typically have full-time employment in another profession but who provide emergency cover as firefighters, responding from their place of work to a 999 call alert.  Without that commitment from the men and women who provide this vital service and the willingness of their employers to allow them to respond at a moment’s notice to a 999 call, the extent and calibre of Fire and Rescue emergency cover that exists in Lancashire would be impossible to maintain.  … Continue reading

Lancaster Firefighter’s Royal Appointment

A Lancaster firefighter is collecting his MBE medal at Buckingham Palace on Friday 14th March. Steve Darby, an Incident Intelligence Officer in Northern Area, was named in the New Year’s Honours at the end of last year. Steve was awarded the MBE for the work he has done with Operation Florian. He first worked with the charity in October 2002 when he saw an advert in a Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service newsletter asking for firefighters to give up some of their time to train de-mobilised Serbs, Croat and Muslim soldiers at a training camp in Neum, Bosnia. … Continue reading

Fire starts in Burscough mill

Just after 3am this morning, firefighters were called to a fire in a mill in Burscough which was in the process of being converted into a block of flats. Lancashire’s Control Room Operators received 30 calls from residents who could see the fire on Mill Lane. When the first fire engines arrived at the scene, firefighters were met with flames coming from the five storey building. This prompted firefighters to quickly increase the number of fire engines to eight plus specialist appliances such as two aerial ladder platforms and a mobile fire station. At the … Continue reading

Charity Car Wash at Fulwood Fire Station

Are you being nagged by your other half to clean your motor? Well here is your chance to take the pressure off! On Saturday 12th April, firefighters in Fulwood are hosting a Car Wash Day on behalf of The Fire Fighters Charity. If your car is looking like it would call 999 on you for neglect, get down to Fulwood Fire Station, on Garstang Road, Fulwood, between 9am and 4pm and let the firefighters give it a Tender Loving Clean! Firefighters will be foaming their sponges for; The Fire Fighters Charity, the official organisation which … Continue reading

Close Calls in the Kitchen

Following a couple of incidents over last week and at the weekend fire crews from South Ribble, West Lancs and Chorley are pleading with local residents to remain vigilant when it comes to fire safety in the kitchen, and are emphasising the importance of having a working smoke alarm and escape plan for your home. The first incident involved a chip pan at an elderly gentleman’s house in the afternoon of February 19th in Ormskirk. Crews were called to the incident where, on arrival, they found the occupant already outside the property and smoke issuing … Continue reading

Lancashire Firefighters Deployed to Flood Hit Areas

Volunteer firefighters from Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service have been deployed to Berkshire to help with the severe flooding that has hit the south of country over recent weeks. Six firefighters, who are trained to operate high volume pumps, left Lancashire on Saturday and since then they have spent many hours pumping water away from roads and properties around Newbury in Berkshire. On Tuesday, these six firefighters will be replaced by another six firefighters. The replacement firefighters, who come from across Lancashire, will report for duty once they arrive and wait to receive instructions from the Chief Fire … Continue reading