Barn fire in Chorley

Date: 07/06/2023

Time: 11:06:00

Address: Crosse Hall Lane, Chorley

At 11:06 on 7 June 2023, six fire engines and a water bowser from Leyland, as well as the stinger from Blackburn attended a fire on Crosse Hall Lane, Chorley. The fire involved a barn containing approximately 100 round rolled hay bales and 2000 tonnes of silage. Fire crews are using one hose reel, four breathing apparatus, two main jets and a ground monitor to extinguish the fire.


UPDATE at 14:10: Crews are now damping down and fire appliances have been reduced to five fire engines. Two hose reel jets and one hose reel are still in use. The fire is under control.


UPDATE at 15:56: Fire appliances have been reduced to one fire engine for temperature monitoring of the barn.