Barn Fire in Rishton

Date: 26/06/2018

Time: 18:02:00

Address: Cut Lane, Rishton

Incident Number: 1806011129

UPDATE: 19:00hrs Firefighters have now left the scene.

UPDATE:at 14:00hrs this afternoon (27th June) firefighters extinguished the remaining pockets of fire using a hose reel. They checked the remaining straw with a thermal imaging camera and were happy there were no further hotspots remaining. Due to the location of the incident and the weather conditions a crew remained on site to carry out one final inspection at approximately 6pm.

UPDATE: At 00:16hrs firefighters along with farmworkers had finished excavating the hay from the barn and the incident was being reduced to one fire engine. They remained at the scene overnight to monitor the fire ground and ensure there were no hotspots or pockets of fire remaining. The incident is due to be re-inspected later this morning where it is hoped that firefighting operations will be stopped and the fire investigation can begin.

Firefighters from Hyndburn and Blackburn were called to reports of a building fire at a property on Cut Lane, Rishton. When they arrived they found the incident involved a pre-fabricated barn approximately 20m by 10m containing haylage. Firefighters set about tackling the fire by sectorising the fire ground and using breathing apparatus, two main jets, one hose reel and a water tower. The aerial support unit was also in attendance for a short while to assist in giving fire crews an overview of the scene. Firefighters are currently still at the scene. The contents of the barn are now being excavated using the site owners plant equipment so that firefighter can continue to get water onto remaining seats of fire.