Commercial Building fire in Hoghton

Date: 02/02/2019

Time: 19:44:00

Address: Station Road, Hoghton

Incident Number: 1902000483

Fire crews were called to a commercial premise on Station Road, Houghton at around 19:44hrs hours. The caller reported that the building had been evacuated and that the fire had gone through the roof.

There are currently 6 crews in attendance including support from the Stinger water tower, an Aerial Ladder Platform (ALP)and the Aerial Support Unit. Firefighters are currently tackling the fire using water from the Stinger and ALP.

UPDATE: at 21:36hours the crews reported that the Stinger was no longer is use as a water tower at the incident and that firefighting operations now involved four firefighters wearing breathing apparatus, two hose reels inside the premise and an Aerial Ladder Platform.

UPDATE: at 21:56 the crews reported that they had brought the fire under control and that it was surrounded. Crews remain at the scene extinguishing the fire using hose reels and are still being supported by the aerial ladder platform.

UPDATE: at01:00hrs the incident was reduced down to two fire engines who monitored the incident over night damping down any hotspots that flared up. This was further reduced at 06:00hrs to just one fire engine. Firefighters remain at the scene.