Commercial building fire in Lancaster

Date: 10/08/2020

Time: 01:01:00

Address: Ovangle Road, Lancaster

Incident Number: 2008003179

Firefighters from Lancaster and Morecambe were called to reports of a fire in a commercial building on Ovangle Road, Lancaster. On arrival they found the fire involved a recycling building approximately 60m by 40m and three storey high involved in fire. A large quantity of waste materials is on fire and crews set about tackling the fire using an aerial ladder platform, ground monitor and hose reels.

Shortly before 2am the number of fire engines was then increased to including support from the aerial ladder platform and aerial support unit. There is a large amount of smoke being generated by the fire and as a precaution we’re advising any residents being affected by the smoke in the locality to close their windows and doors.

UPDATE: 05:30hrs – Firefighters are continuing to work to bring the fire under control at the site however have made good progress. Due to the reduction in the smoke plume from the fire, the earlier precautionary advice to close any windows and doors for those living locally has now been stood down. Firefighters are using ground monitors, hose reel jets and the ALP to  bring the fire under control.

UPDATE: 07:00hrs the number of fire engines at the scene of the fire is soon to be reduced to two. Crews will continue to monitor for any hot spot areas and dampen down using hose reel jets.