Community hubs will help the most vulnerable in Lancashire

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Hubs have been set up in each district of Lancashire to help support the people who need it most during the Covid-19 outbreak.


The hubs are now available to those who are deemed vulnerable due to their age, health factors or through self-isolation.


Known as ‘locality hubs’, they are being managed and operated by local authority staff who are engaging with community volunteer support.


A lot of people who need to self-isolate or who are otherwise vulnerable during the pandemic will have really strong arrangements in place with family, friends and local shops providing their essential support and reducing their isolation.


The new community hubs help will not replace that. They will be safety nets for those without others to help them out or if those arrangements break down for whatever reason, including if the person helping them becomes unwell themselves.


The hubs can also signpost residents to services such as preventing loneliness, mental health support and financial and debt advice.


Many extremely vulnerable residents have already been written to by Central Government about the ongoing provision of food. This Government doorstep service will be rolling out this week.


We are also actively encouraging those who have not been written to but are struggling, to reach out to us.


Anyone needing practical help or emotional support should contact their council hub now. The full list is on the Lancashire County Council website.


Neil Jack, Chief Executive of Blackpool Council, is responsible for overseeing the coordination of the hubs across Lancashire. He said: “This is a difficult time for our whole community, but pulling together and supporting one another is vital and can make an enormous difference. For those who live alone or have serious health concerns, the current need for isolation can be particularly daunting.


“We want to make it clear that help and support is available – whether you cannot access food or medical supplies or just want somebody to talk to. If you are struggling my message is please do not suffer alone – you are our priority, we are here to help.”