Cook Safe 2018 – Cooking safety campaign

Kitchen fire Download Image

Over the next 10 weeks Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service will be actively promoting a new cooking fire safety campaign; “Cook Safe 2018”. This campaign is forming the start of a larger campaign that will be running throughout the year across all parts of the county.

Cooking fires account for around half the accidental fires in the home our firefighters respond to each year and it is by far the biggest cause of fire in the home; so this year we’re aiming to make it the year we raise the profile of the issue and get people cooking safely.

There are many causes of cooking fires but undoubtedly one of the biggest causes is distraction. We all know how easy it is to get distracted by the phone ringing, the doorbell going; we might have children running around us causing chaos or perhaps you leave the cooking unattended and forget about it, or simply something catches your attention on the television and it pulls you away from what you were doing. Whatever the reason, distractions can be disastrous and that is the message we want to get people thinking about during this campaign.

Through service social media channels and fire safety teams on the ground we will be actively trying to get this message across to Lancashire’s residents and hopefully helping people ‘Cook Safe’.

Keep a look out on our website for more information during this time.