The fire cadet programme offers a varied, challenging and enjoyable experience for young people aged 13 – 18.

It aims to:

  • help with self-confidence and resilience
  • develop leadership, teamwork and social skills
  • increase young people’s engagement and contribution to the wider community through community action activities

In broad terms it’s about developing young people and helping them to progress and achieve their potential through a fire and rescue service focus.

How long is the programme?

The basic programme runs for the minimum of an academic year however many cadets stay for longer to further develop themselves, take on leadership roles and because they enjoy it.

Units, which can have up to 20 cadets, usually meet once a week during term time for 2-3 hours at a fire station, though sessions can also take place at other community locations such as schools. Each cadet unit has designated leaders and delivery of the programme is carried out jointly between experienced community safety staff and firefighters, assisted by enthusiastic and committed local volunteers.

What’s involved?

Being a fire cadet involves wearing a uniform, which is very similar to that issued to LFRS personnel. Cadets particularly like this as it give them an enormous sense of pride and feeling that they belong to such a well-respected community organisation.

They also have protective clothing for when they do the type of practical outdoor activities that operational firefighters do. This includes running out hoses and the correct use of them, how to operate the machinery on a fire engine, ladder work, dealing with road traffic accidents and other problem-solving activities. This involves getting out on the drill ground, working on individual and team skills and sometimes getting wet!

Fire cadets also learn about how we as a fire and rescue service work hard to prevent fires happening and protect people from fires outside of their own homes. They take part in community action projects and local events, and learn about health and well-being issues, such as first aid and dementia.

Being a fire cadet is great fun. It’s a fantastic way of making new friends and finding out that you can achieve things you never thought possible.


Find out more

To find out more about your nearest unit, becoming a fire Cadet or volunteering to help at one of the units please email or call 01772 866898.