Fire safety messages for Bonfire and Halloween

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As the nights draw in, Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service (LFRS) are sharing fire safety messages in the lead up to two of the biggest nights in the Autumnal calendar.


As well as the final half term in 2019 there is Halloween and Bonfire Night to look forward to. These two dates are renowned for big events, large groups of people being outside and lots of fun. To ensure these events continue to be a highlight during the darkest and coldest months of the year Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service share their top safety advice.



  • Plastic capes and bin liners are often used as costumes – keep them away from candles or other naked flames
  • Use battery operated lights within homemade lanterns and pumpkins. Battery operated lights are much safer than candles
  • Take extra care with candles – they are extremely hazardous. If the candle tips over it could set light to materials such as costumes, curtains, clothes and furniture and start a serious fire. Make sure they are extinguished properly before leaving the house or going to bed and are out of reach from children. Hear about Curtis’s story here.


If clothing does catch on fire remember to stop, drop and roll. And remember you can always call 999 and ask for the fire service if it is an emergency. Read more Halloween safety advice from us here.


Bonfire Night

  • Only buy fireworks from a reputable shop and ensure they are CE marked. Keep them in a closed metal box and ensure you follow the instructions
  • Place fireworks on a stable surface and light at arm’s length using a taper, stand well back and never throw nor go back to a lit firework
  • Do not burn household rubbish or white goods on a bonfire. Keep your bonfire within a cordon area away from fireworks, people, property and trees and never light using flammable liquid. Check for animals hiding before lighting
  • Keep pets indoors and ensure children are safe and a good distance away from the fireworks
  • Pour water on bonfire embers to ensure it is fully extinguished before leaving or going to bed
  • If using sparklers ensure they are held in a  gloved hand at arm’s length and there is a bucket of water to put them in once the sparkler is out





Charity bonfire event posterLancashire Fire and Rescue Service will be hosting their annual fireworks display and bonfire on Tuesday 5 November at their Training Centre on West Way, Euxton, PR7 6DH. The event has been a huge success in the past and has provided a safe environment for people to watch a fantastic fireworks display. The event runs a ‘pay on the gate’ policy (cash only) with the money being split between The Firefighter’s Charity, North West Ambulance Service and Maggie’s Charity.



Learn more about bonfire and firework safety here.

To find an organised display near you, take a look on your local council’s website.