Grass fire on Winter Hill

Date: 30/05/2020

Time: 03:25:00

Address: Winter Hill, Rivington, Horwich

Incident Number: 2005010874

Fire crews from Chorley and Rawtenstall, alongside a fire crew from Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service were called to reports of a fire on Winter Hill located between the pigeon tower and the mast. On arrival crews requested additional resources at the scene and increased it to six fire engines in total with additional resources from GMFRS.

Approximately one hectare of grass is on fire and firefighters are working to extinguish the fire using a haggling off road vehicle, two blowers and firefighters with beaters. The air support unit is now in attendance to assist with tactical support for the incident and the burn team from Bacup have also been requested.

UPDATE: 08:00HRS – Firefighters are continuing to extinguish hot spot pockets of fire on foot using beaters and blowers. The hagglund vehicle is also still in use.

UPDATE:09:30hrs – Firefighters are continuing to dampen down hot spot areas at the scene and there is now additional support being provided with a Polaris vehicle from United Utilities which has a fogger on board to assist with the dampening down.

UPDATE: 10:30hrs – The burn team from Bacup are working to cut back vegetation to the side of the fire to help prevent fire spread. Firefighters are continuing to dampen down smouldering areas.

UPDATE: 15:00hrs – Firefighters are using a digger from United Utilities to create fire breaks along the fire front. There are also two water bowsers in use at the scene being used to shuttle water to the fire ground.

UPDATE: 20:00hrs – Two fire crews remain in attendance damping down.