IFE Presentation – Emergency service drone and us; a boom with a view

Date: 10/01/2018

Time: 14:00:00

Address: Darwin Lecture Theatre - University of Central Lancashire

Emergency service drone us; a boom with a view is a joint presentation delivered by Chris Rainford who is a retired Watch Manager who has been involved with drones since 2010 and Tim Murrell who is a is a serving Group Manager within Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service.

Chris and Tim will deliver a presentation that will provide an overview of emergency service drone use throughout the UK.  The two hour presentation will cover the following subjects and provide time for questions and open discussion:

  • ES drone start up requirements and the road to safe operation
  • What the ES’s need from a drone
  • Benefits of drone use including several case studies
  • A national overview of where we are going over the next 5 years

If you are interested please follow the attached links – https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/emergency-service-drones-tickets-39216784458?utm_campaign=order_confirmation_email&utm_medium=email&ref=eemailordconf