Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service Celebrates Ramadan

Ramadan Mubarak from Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service Download Image

Ramadan Mubarak from Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service

Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service is proud to celebrate Ramadan and to offer support and understanding to colleagues, friends, and members of the community who are fasting.

As an organisation, we are once again supporting ‘I’m not a Muslim but I will fast (for one day)’, an award-winning community cohesion initiative by One Voice Blackburn (opens in a new tab). Non-Muslim work colleagues are invited to take part in a group fast to show solidarity with Muslim colleagues for a day during Ramadan.

Faz Patel, one of our Community Safety Advisors, said:

“As an inclusive organisation, we have always respected everyone’s religions and faiths. Many stations have already taken part in this event in previous years.

“As a multi-diverse organisation, we are proud to celebrate diversity”

Ramadan is the holy Islamic month where Muslims forgo food and water between sunrise and sunset. Removing these comforts from daily life is intended to focus the mind on prayer, spirituality and charity, and to purify the body and mind. This year it starts on Saturday, 2 April (subject to sighting of the moon).

Below is a simple guide to supporting Muslim colleagues and friends who are fasting, courtesy of Areej AbuAli, founder of Women in Tech SEO:​

  • Ramadan happens once a year and lasts around 30 days.
  • We follow the lunar calendar which is why it starts earlier each year (shifts by around 11 days).
  • It’s a month for spiritual discipline and it helps Muslims feel grateful for what we have​.
  • Fasting takes place from sunrise to sunset and yup: “not even water” (around 16hrs of fasting this year).
  • It’s not just about abstaining from food/drink but also about charity and practicing patience and kindness.
  • It means a lot when you wish us a “Happy Ramadan/Ramadan Mubarak”​.
  • We don’t mind being around people eating/drinking, so don’t feel the need to apologise.
  • Our sleeping hours/caffeine intake changes so people might seem tired. We don’t expect to get special treatment while fasting but it would be kinder to check our preference for meeting hours.

Stay Safe this Ramadan

We want everyone who is celebrating to stay safe. For fire safety information and how you can stay safe this Ramadan, please visit our Ramadan fire safety web page (opens in a new tab).