Large commercial fire in Preston

Date: 21/12/2018

Time: 20:55:00

Address: Frank Street, Preston

Incident Number: 1812006274

At 20:55, the Service received multiple calls indicating there was a commercial building on fire on Frank Street, Preston.

Four fire engines were mobilised to the incident and on arrival immediately made the response up to eight fire engines and an aerial ladder platform due to the size of the fire and difficultly in accessing the site. One of the businesses affected by the fire was a second-hand car dealer and a number of vehicles were involved in the fire which created several loud bangs. The fire spread to commercial units and Operation Merlin after an hour due to the smoke plume affecting several houses and a mosque on Kent Street. The people evacuated went to family and friends’ homes and there was no need for a rest centre to be set up. In total, 14 fire engines, three aerial ladder platforms and a drone went to the incident.

By 01:00, the fire surround message had been sent and by 01:30, Operation Merlin had been stood down and residents were able to return to their homes. Overnight, the number of fire engines at the scene will be reduced to six fire engines and an aerial ladder platform.

The Service was well supported by partners including North West Ambulance Service and Lancashire Police who closed St George’s Road, Kent Street and Southgate.

The cause of the fire is now under investigation and an Incident Intelligence Officer will return to the scene on Saturday morning. No injuries were reported.