LFRS ranks as third fittest fire service!

leyland crew Download Image

On 31 August the crew from S55 Leyland took part in the Cheshire Firefighter Challenge. This intense challenge took place virtually this year where entrants had to film and submit their entries online as well as donating a fee towards The Firefighter’s Charity along with their entry. The challenge is in conjunction with the British Firefighter challenge and tests the limits of competitors as they undertake a course of eight challenges focused on firefighting activities. The course tests strength and ability putting them both physically and mentally through their paces.


FF Childs, FF Fairclough, FF Ferneyhough, FF McCarty and WM Rigden took part on a warm Bank Holiday morning straight after coming from a shout in the early hours.

The course involved:

200m Run (with BA set not under air)

20m hose reel drag

20m hose reel pull

Foam drum carry. 4 x 25kg foam drums for 10m

Roll out 1 full length 25m 70mm Duraline hose

Make up the same length 25m 70mm Duraline hose

50 meter Duraline 70mm  hose run

50m 70kg Casualty drag.


After a few attempts and  a lot of hard work the team each submitted their times and we’re pleased to announce that they did brilliantly! Due to it being virtual Cheshire Fire decided to open up the entries to any Fire and Rescue Service (with entries from Norway, Germany and Hungary to name a few) therefore you are looking at the third fittest fire crew in the world!!

FF McCarty came ninth overall and FF Fairclough third in the female category with a group time of third. Well done Leyland!