Lockdown measures eased, but message on open water swimming and wildfires still stands

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Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service (LFRS) last week urged the public to enjoy the outdoors safely following HM Government easing some lockdown rules, advising them on the dangers of open water swimming and wildfires.

However with temperatures soaring on Wednesday 20 May LFRS were dismayed to see that people were flocking to open water sites in groups to swim.

LFRS are working closely with United Utilities to discourage people from visiting the sites and other beauty hot spots and had only that morning issued some safety advice on social media.

At 15:26 firefighters and a senior officer were deployed to Healy Nab, a local beauty spot, after reports of fire setting. Upon arrival they were met with some disheartening and worrying scenes. Firefighters found one gentleman who had started a camp fire close to some woodland and also came across eight teenage girls swimming in Reservoir one and nine teenage boys who were found to be swimming in Reservoir two. Not only were these people disobeying social distancing but they were also putting themselves in immediate danger.

Fires can quickly spread to forests and moorland taking fire engines away from urban areas where they may be needed but also destroying land, wildlife and potentially property. And open water swimming carries a whole risk of dangers such as drowning, cold water shock and diseases.

Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service have many employees who find joy in exercising outdoors for their mental and physical wellbeing and understand that many people will seek to reap the same benefits. However we ask you to do so safely, considerately and following the Government social distancing guidelines.

Stay Alert, Control the Virus, Save Lives