Monthly training for USAR and ISAR dogs

Dogs with their handlers outside Winter Gardens in Blackpool Download Image

The search and rescue dogs from Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service spent the day at Winter Gardens, Blackpool using the iconic building for training.


Having spent four days in total over the weekend, using sites from across Lancashire, fifteen UK fire and rescue services and their dog handlers undertook search and rescue training for the dogs.


The dogs which are part of International Search and Rescue (ISAR) and Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) undertake training at various sites around the country every couple of months to keep their skills up-to-date. This involves finding ‘missing casualties’ from live scent and alerting their handlers by barking.


ISAR and USAR are organisations set up by UK Aid and National Resilience and run by specially trained firefighters who are deployed across the country and Internationally to assist with building collapses, natural disasters and getting people to safety.


The training wouldn’t be possible without businesses allowing the teams to use their locations for training and providing a broad mix of terrain, smells and space. On Friday 24 January the teams used a nursing home provided by rapid relief. On Saturday the teams spent the day at Lancashire fire and Rescue Service’s Training Centre in Exuton and on Sunday at Berry’s building supplies in Leyland which provided a unique layout and lots of possible locations for missing persons. On Monday 27 January the Winter Gardens allowed the dogs to search for ‘casualties’ over different levels, in a huge space and with lots of other sights and sounds to test them. On behalf of USAR and ISAR Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service would like to thank the business who made this possible.


All dogs performed really well and the the dogs and their handlers are looking forward to further training sessions throughout the country and abroad throughout 2020.


Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service have USAR dog Sid, ISAR dog Davey and Fire Investigation dog Rue as well as Primrose and Dexter in training and a trial therapy dog, Bronte.