Our Vaccine Stories – Robyn Morris

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Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service have been assisting in Lancashire’s vaccination programme since December 2020 and are continuing to assist now the mass vaccination sites have opened across the county. We have staff from a variety of roles such as support staff, Community Safety staff and firefighters working at the sites. Some staff are welcoming people, undertaking marshalling and care duties and even some of our staff are now delivering the vaccine (after some intense training of course!).

We wanted to share with you some of the stories from staff who are working at the sites so you know a little more about our involvement!

We’d like to introduce you to Robyn Morris who is a Community Safety Advisor at Blackpool Fire Station.


“This time last year I was working as an RSPCA officer until I was made redundant due to the Coronavirus. I joined the Western Community Fire Safety (CFS) team four months ago and shortly into my role the email went out looking for volunteers. I really wanted to volunteer as I felt lucky that I had managed to get another job and felt like I should give something back.  So many people have been affected by the pandemic be it losing their jobs to shielding and more and if I could help in any way I wanted to be a part of it.

My manager and Station Manager were supportive and a number of us from CFS used our core hours to give support at the vaccination sites whilst also sharing it out to ensure CFS work was covered. Before Christmas we were volunteering at the smaller sites but have now moved to the Winter Gardens. We’ve gotten such great feedback from the public and it’s great to get involved and help the community. I love being around people and feels like an extension of my CFS work and I’ve really enjoyed getting involved and putting people at ease. People have genuinely been happy and thankful to receive the vaccine and commented how well organised the process is and how safe and reassured they’ve been made to feel. I was even featured in this article by the Blackpool Gazette!

It’s also been great for me to see the broad range of work that Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service get involved in and learn about partner working. I have also been able to meet more people than I probably ever would have done since starting and have so far met other firefighters, support staff and senior managers from across the Service.”


Don’t forget that you will be contacted by the NHS or your GP in regards to attending your vaccine appointment. They are prioritising the vaccine for those who need it most and based on national guidelines. If you attend the site without an appointment you will be turned away.

Please remember that vaccines, especially the first dose, is not the time to become complacent. People need to continue to practice basic hygiene, social distancing and following local and national lockdown advice.