Road Safety during Eid

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Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service (LFRS) hope everyone had a successful Ramadan and are looking forward to enjoying their Eid celebrations this coming weekend. LFRS however would also like to take the opportunity to pass on very important safety messages. Safety on Lancashire’s roads is a concern for all road users at all times of the year however in recent years there has been an increasing trend amongst young Asian drivers in hiring high performance vehicles during Eid. This combination of inexperienced drivers and powerful cars has resulted in serious injuries and deaths from road collisions in the past.

Throughout Ramadan, Firefighters and Community Fire Safety staff alongside partners from Wasted Lives, have been visiting local mosques in a bid to raise awareness of some of the road safety issues that can arise during this period. This year however, than has been a particular emphasis on getting the road safety message to hit home with younger drivers who may be looking to celebrate by hiring vehicles with their friends.

Clare Burscough, Prevention Support Officer for Road Safety at Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service said;

“The fact is that very often many hire these powerful cars as a group which means that there could be as many as five occupants involved. Excessive speed coupled with driver inexperience, peer pressure to show off and not wearing a seat belt are all key factors that make these young drivers a danger to themselves, other road users and pedestrians.”

Tony Crook, the Prevention, Protection and Road Safety Group Manager for Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service continues:

“We hope that everyone enjoys their Eid celebration but we want everyone to do so safely too and so the key message we’d like to get across to these young drivers is to remember that there is someone at home who wants you to come back safely.”