Safer in Seconds – Register My Appliance Day

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January 16th is Register My Appliance (RMA) day. Originally set up by the Association of Manufacturers of Domestic Appliances (AMDEA) the day aims to get consumers registering their domestic electrical appliances on a database so that they can be notified of any safety issues which may affect them. This safety initiative allows you to register old (up to 12 years old) and new appliances from over 65 major brands.

Here in Lancashire electrical fires are the second biggest cause of domestic property fires after cooking so we’re keen to promote how quickly people can improve their safety at home by signing up.

So Why Register?

With an estimated 93 million (92.7m.) wet and cold appliances[1] currently in use in our homes, keeping track of our fridges, freezers and washing machines is a crucial safety precaution.

From time to time manufacturers may identify issues with appliances or products and they may need to contact appliance owners in order to get the fault corrected as quickly as possible. It can be very difficult to trace customers, but by taking just a few minutes to register domestic appliances directly with the manufacturer, via the user-friendly portal, householders can be contacted quickly if a recall or free safety repair is ever needed.


Before you start

There’s a bit of information you’ll need to have with you before you sign up: firstly the brand name and model of your product. The serial number of your appliance (which is usually between 10 and 16 digits long) and the purchase date. For more information you can visit the RMA day website.

[1] BEIS, Market Transformation Programme, Energy Consumption in the UK, Table 3.12, Fridges, freezers, washing machines, dish washers and tumble dryers.