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During lockdown the number of road traffic collisions we attended as a Service declined by a massive 68.7% across the county. This was obviously directly linked to people staying home and we’ve certainly seen an increase since lockdown began to ease.
Below we break the stats down by area between the 24 March and 10 May showing the difference between incidents from 2019 and the same period in 2020.
In 2019 we attended nine incidents and two in 2020 seeing a reduction of 77.8%.
In 2019 there were 13 incidents and four in 2020 with a 69.2% reduction.
Statistically Central area was the ony area to see an increase from five in 2019 to six in 2020 however breaking these figures down one we attended one standby with no action taken, another we gave advice, three of the six we made the scene safe and only one was where a casualty needed releasing from the vehicle.
In 2019 we attended 19 incidents and in 2020 we attended six incidents. Three of these were making the scene safe and only one where someone needed extricating.
In 2019 we attended 20 incidents yet in the same period this year we attended just two. That’s a huge 90% reduction and shows the extent of how lockdown has impacted road users driving style.
This was another area with a big drop of 60% with 15 incidents in 2019 and six in 2020.
Just some stats for you to mull over next time you get behind the wheel. The Lancashire Road Safety Partnership do a lot of work in the community re speed awareness and regrularly post on their facebook page about where they have seen incidents of speeding.
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