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Bonfire Safety

Bonfires and nuisance fires predominately occur around Bonfire Night, however, we do attend incidents throughout the year where people have been burning rubbish or garden waste.


Make sure a responsible adult is in control and present at all times.


Set the fire well away from property, overhanging trees, cables and combustible materials. Do not also light near fending or decking, especially if made out of plastic.


Don’t use petrol, paraffin or white spirit to light bonfires. Use a taper to light and keep at arms length.


When the bonfire is over, douse the embers with water and check the surrounding area for signs of small fires which may have been started from flying embers.


Don’t burn household waste on your bonfire.


Be considerate of neighbours. Smoke can be a nuisance, so try and place your bonfire where it will have least impact on those around you. Do not light bonfires near roads where the smoke could reduce visibility.

For further detailed information on bonfire and firework safety you can download our leaflet here.