Clare’s story aims to get drivers to slow down

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This week we’re supporting the European Traffic Police Network’s (TISPOL) focus on speed awareness and enforcement.

Did you know that around 1 in 3 road deaths are speed related? Statistics show the main cause of crashes is inappropriate speed and human error.

Whether you’re a new driver or have been driving for years, sometimes a clear road or wanting to impress someone can make it really tempting for you to speed. Don’t risk it. What you might think is harmless can end in serious consequences. You could lose your licence, your job, your mates, and even yours or somebody else’s life for that moment of madness. And always drive at a speed that’s safe for the road conditions and within the speed limit.

In Lancashire, Clare has shared her story after her brother was killed in a speeding crash in the hope of getting others to slow down.

My Brother, My Friend

In 2003 Clare’s brother Andrew was involved in a road traffic collision, he suffered serious injuries from which he never recovered. Here she shares her story as a sibling and questions second chances.

Andrew was more than just a brother to me. As social misfits, not getting along with family or other kids at school, we had a strong bond. He wasn’t perfect, we had our quarrels, but he accepted me completely as I was, despite my Asperger’s. Unfortunately, Andrew had one big weakness: his car. Like so many young men before him, he thought he was different to others, that he was somehow invincible behind the wheel. Sadly, he was to be proven wrong, not once, but twice.

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