Storm Gareth safety advice

The Met Office named a deep area of low-pressure, which swept across Lancashire on Tuesday 12 and Wednesday 13 March as Storm Gareth. With a week of unsettled weather, strong winds and rain the fire service urge you to take care.


On Saturday 9 March crews from Fleetwood and Preesall assisted the Coastguard in a dog rescue off Knott End beach. The dog, named Red, was 400m from dry land when two coastguard members swam out in dangerously high waves to rescue the dog who then received oxygen therapy from Lancashire firefighters. One of our crew members captured this moment here.


As the weather is set to remain unsettled for the remainder of the week we ask people to take care when driving, especially on the motorway. You can read more here for safety advice. If you are a dog walker or runner please stay away from areas where you could easily be swept away like beaches or proms or walking by rivers where water may have risen. If an incident does occur we urge you not to attempt rescuing your pet, as distressing this may be for you, as it could make the situation worse and you could also get into difficulty.

It could also be a good idea to check that items in your garden are tied down, especially trampolines.

If you see a building that looks to have loose items like roof tile or signage please call the building owner/landlord or local council in the first instance. If you are concerned that it could be a danger to life please call 999.


picture showing unsettled weather across Lancashire on 11 March