TeenSafe consists of themed modules with each approximately 45 minutes in length. The modules have been developed with schools’ PSHE days in mind and whilst at first glance it may not appear that the modules are relevant your school please bear in mind the activities students may get involved with outside term time, including around the County and further afield when on holiday.


TeenSafe Modules

Choices-and-Consequences-Slide-11. Choice & Consequences:

Encourages social responsibility by examining the reasons for, and the impact of, anti-social behaviour to: those directly involved, bystanders, family, friends and the wider community. Focussing on arson, malicious calls, firework misuse and attacks on firefighters, links are also made as to how anti-social behaviour can have serious implications for the Fire and Rescue Service. As a result, the learners are encouraged to always make the right choice.


Water Safety Module - Slide 12. Water Safety:

Offers teenagers a non-judgemental view on a wide range of water safety issues. These include cold water shock and tombstoning, which are often not well known or understood by this age group but can have long lasting and even devastating consequences for those directly involved and beyond.



The Teensafe programme can be as flexible as schools need it to be, so one or both modules can be delivered depending upon the needs of the school and the perceived risks. We recognise that PSHE days can vary from school to school in arrangement, size, delivery methodology etc. and we have tried to keep this in mind when developing the Teensafe package. Upon requesting one of our Teensafe modules one of our dedicated presenters will liaise directly with the school to agree the optimum approach that meets the school’s needs.

In all cases a minimum of four weeks’ notice will be required to ensure robust arrangements are in place ready for module delivery.    


For further information, including the content of the modules, please contact; Paul Slee, Prevention Support Officer on 0782 333 7001

To book a session, please email teensafe@lancsfirerescue.org.uk