Wildfire near Winter Hill

Date: 27/03/2020

Time: 14:24:00

Address: Winter Hill

Incident Number: 2003008951

Firefighters were called at approximately 14:24hrs to reports of a grass fire near to Church Street, Belmont on the moor running between Rivington and Belmot. Firefighters from Lancashire and Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service were mobilised and faced a significant fire.  At 14:56 requested additional resources attend. Currently 8 fire engines are in attendance including crews from Lancashire (Chorley, Blackburn, Bacup, Darwen, Preston) and Manchester.


Update: The fire has burned a significant area prior to firefighters arriving at the scene and the fire is being wind driven, moving up from the blue lagoon side of the hill up the banking towards the monument on Rivington. The aerial support unit is en route and will provide tactical support for incident commanders at the scene shortly, however we estimate that approximately 2km has been affected so far. Flames have been seen at heights of approximately 6m and crews are currently working on extinguishing the fire using water due to the intensity of the fire. Firefighters are also working on creating fire breaks to prevent further spread of the fire.

People are advised to avoid the area so that emergency vehicles can get access. Anyone in the vicinity that is affected by smoke is advised to keep windows and doors closed as a precaution.


Update: Firefighters at the scene have managed to contain the fire by getting water on the flanks of the fire. The Lancashire wildfire burn team have also been able to use fire to burn back into the flames and prevent the fire from spreading further. Alongside partners from United Utilities and Mountain Rescue and other contractors  we’ve been utilising 4×4 vehicles with 10,000L water bowsers on to assist in getting water onto the fire. The fire is almost extinguished and has covered an area of approximately 3km squared.


Update: At 18:59hrs the number of fire engines at the scene was rescued to three alongside one 4×4 and a hagglund. They continued to damp down the control lines that had been put in place to prevent the fire spread. Crews will remain in attendance monitoring the scene from strategic locations on the moor ensuring there are no flare ups.