Welcome to our Annual Service Plan

The year ahead will see the fruition of a series of improvements, innovations, and investments intended to provide the best possible services for the people of Lancashire.

Sweeping changes to building fire safety standards, the increasing impacts of climate change emergencies, and opportunities and risks posed by new technology have altered the ways fire and rescue services keep people safe. We have been determined to adapt to these challenges, often leading innovation in our sector and influencing national fire and rescue service policy.

From advanced fire appliances, better equipped to respond to flooding and wildfires and incidents in tall buildings and businesses, to pioneering technology that will have an impact on everything from operational firefighting to performance reporting, the Service is continuously improving.

This year we are focused on embedding and evaluating these new ways of working to ensure they are tailored to local need and deliver the most effective interventions and responses to local risks.

Our people are central to everything we set out to achieve. They display the highest levels of professional standards, operational excellence, and dedication. Investing in their training, equipment, wellbeing, and safety is a long-held priority that will continue this year.

With that in mind, we intend to design a masterplan for the proposed redevelopment of our training centre site in Chorley incorporating the relocation of Service headquarters from Fulwood, new and improved training props, and modernised learning and office space.

We are proud of our culture in Lancashire and the high regard in which the Service is held by others. The trust and confidence of the public is essential for us to deliver effective services that make a difference to people’s lives. For that reason, we are committed to building a more inclusive service for our own staff and for the communities we serve.

Financial challenges lie ahead to ensure that the Service is affordable in the future. However, we have a strong history of making efficiencies without impacting on services to the public. We will continue to use our resources in ways that represent value for money and provide the best services for the whole of Lancashire.

"We aspire to be outstanding in all that we do by being the best trained, best equipped, best accommodated, and most professional fire and rescue service in the country."

Justin Johnston

Chief Fire Officer