British Sign Language (BLS)

We have a host of fire safety videos in British Sign Language to help you stay safe. From smoke alarm maintenance to using candles around the home, our safety advice can help you avoid common mistakes that can result in serious fires.

Safety advice in British Sign Language

Our videos include safety advice for deaf people on the following topics:

  • Advice on electric heaters and how they should be used in the home.

  • The vital role of smoke alarm maintenance in making sure they are an effective line of defence during a fire.

  • Bedtime routines and why these can help you avoid disaster.

  • Using candles and how you can enjoy them in a safe way.

  • Electrical appliances and some mistakes you can avoid when using them each day.

  • Home fire safety checks – what are they, and what will the fire service do?

  • Your habits around smoking and using e-cigarettes can cause safety issues if you aren’t careful.

You can find additional safety advice (opens in another tab) on lots of other topics on our website.

We will provide personalised fire safety advice for everyone who fills in their details on our home fire safety check page (opens in another tab). If you are deemed to be high risk by our team, we will organise a home visit to help make sure you are safe.

For more information about any of the safety topics covered on this page, please contact us [opens in another tab] by text on 07766 831 145 or via email (opens email app).

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