Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service has a long and proud history as a valued part of communities across the county, helping to keep people safe and responding to emergencies.

Everything we do is aimed at making Lancashire safer and in recent years we have adapted considerably to changing risks, meaning we now assist people in more ways than ever before.

Activities such as gaining entry to properties where there’s a medical emergency and searching for missing people are saving additional lives. Our expertise has grown to include the far-reaching impacts of weather-related emergencies and the rising complexities of modern buildings. We have led innovation and collaboration with the introduction of bespoke water tower fire engines that reduce damage to businesses and homes, and the creation of the first fire and police air support unit adding aerial intelligence to our capabilities.

Our people are at the heart of our achievements. Motivated, professional and determined to make a difference, they serve Lancashire with pride. Coupled with the highest standards of operational effectiveness, this helps us to reach our goals and a long-standing commitment to continuous improvement keeps the Service evolving. Learning from incidents and difficult operating conditions drives our progress and having the confidence to try new ideas results in positive change.

Our ability to serve communities in ways beyond our traditional role has never been more evident than during the coronavirus pandemic. The Service played a central role in the response to the crisis, working as one team alongside partner agencies. The skills and attributes of our people enabled them to carry out vital activities, from visiting the most isolated and vulnerable residents in the initial stages to vaccinating people against the virus to bring us out of the pandemic. At the same time, we continued to deliver first-rate emergency services and tackle multiple large-scale fires, wide-spread flooding and a series of wildfires in very challenging circumstances.

This plan sets out how we will achieve our aim of making Lancashire safer over a five year period based on risk and demand across the county. Preventing fires and other emergencies from happening, protecting people and property when they do, and responding quickly and competently are clear priorities. We will continue to hone how we do this by deepening our understanding of Lancashire’s diverse communities and equipping ourselves to serve them as effectively as possible.

Becoming more agile and flexible in our approach to work and how we deliver services will enable us to respond to emerging risks swiftly, where our skills and experience can strengthen community safety.

Despite a stable financial position, future funding is uncertain and our commitment to providing value for money is steadfast. Digital transformation and new technology present opportunities to become more efficient and effective across many areas of work.

Strengthening the values and leadership that shape our culture and providing an inclusive workplace that allows everyone to develop and thrive is at the forefront of our future.

Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service will rise to the challenges and opportunities of local and national change positively, leading innovation in the sector and delivering collaborative public services.

We aspire to be outstanding in all that we do by being the best trained, best equipped, best accommodated and most professional fire and rescue service in the country.

Justin Johnston, Chief Fire Officer and David O’Toole, Chairman of The Lancashire Combined Fire Authority