Boat Incident in Lancaster

Date: 23/06/2020

Time: 08:08:00

Address: Glasson Dock, Lancaster

Incident Number: 2006008229

Firefighters from Lancaster were called to assist at an incident in Glasson Dock Marina, Lancaster early this morning (23 June). Reports said that a fishing vessel had sunk and was leaking fuel into the marina. In addition to one fire engine from Lancaster attending, support is being provided by the Hazmat Unit from South Shore, the boat unit from Preston and the aerial support unit. Crews are working alongside multi-agency partners to mitigate the environmental impact of the incident and members of the public are being asked to avoid the areas if possible and keep windows and doors closed as a precaution if you live nearby the incident.


Update 12:30hrs – Firefighters continue to work alongside partners, crews have a 150m boom deployed around the vessel to assist in containing the spill.

Update 16:00hrs – The incident has now moved from emergency response into the recovery phase and firefighters have handed the over to Lancaster Council. The clean up operation is still ongoing however the earlier precautionary advice to close windows and doors has now been lifted.