Check it Twice – Microwave Cooking Safety

Father Christmas and Check it Twice sticker on a microwave Download Image

Father Christmas checks things twice and now Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service are asking you to do the same, just this time when using your microwave!

Throughout 2018 the Service has been campaigning to get people cooking safely in a bid to reduce the number of accidental house fires that occur as a result of cooking mishaps.

Cooking fires are the biggest cause of house fire in the County and as the last phase addressed issues around keep our cookers clean and clear from clutter, this final phase aims to address another issue… microwaves.

Whether it’s a misunderstanding of cooking instructions on packaging, a mishap with the time and temperature settings on the microwave itself or even accidentally using inappropriate crockery, microwave fires were unfortunately and perhaps somewhat surprisingly the third biggest reason behind some of the cooking fires we saw in Lancashire last year.

Alongside our winter safety and road safety messages firefighters and fire safety teams will be out and about over the next few weeks also reminding you to check it twice before turning on your microwave. Together, we can reduce the number of cooking related accidental dwelling fires across Lancashire.

Check it twice microwave safety advice