Do You Have What It Takes?

Lancaster Retained Firefighters Recruitment Poster Download Image

Lancaster fire station (along with many other retained fire stations across the county) is currently recruiting retained firefighters to join the existing retained duty system crew.

Retained firefighters are ‘on-call’ staff who respond to the station from either home or work. They must be able to reach the station within five minutes of being alerted.

Given Lancaster’s current road network, it can be difficult to know whether as a prospective applicant you be able to meet the response times based on where you live or work. So the station has produced a map which is aimed at highlighting those areas of the city which would fall within that required response time. Take a look below.

If you live or work somewhere within that highlighted map and would like to find out more about both what it’s like to be a retained firefighter and what is involved in the recruitment process then click here.