Fire Intervention Response Education Scheme (FIRES)

FIRES is an education intervention program aimed at those aged between 4-17 years who have developed a fascination with fire and who have potentially placed themselves and others at risk. We will also address issues such as the dangers & consequences of hoax/malicious calls, fireworks etc.

What it Covers

Firefighter Speaking to Member of the PublicOur Community Fire Safety team will work with the young person and their families to deliver individualised educational interventions, including:

  • Delivering key fire safety messages to the young person and their family.
  • Raising awareness of the dangers of fire, hoax calls, fireworks as appropriate.
  • Consequences of the young person’s actions.

Our staff will adapt the interventions to the young person’s needs and situation with a variety of resources. We can also support the family with promoting fire safety messages and risk reduction in the home.

Please Note: If the child or young person currently has a criminal case or prosecution relating to fire setting, arson etc. then we may not be able to complete the interventions until this is concluded.

How to Make a Referral

To make a referral, please complete a copy of our referral form and once completed, please return this to

Please Note – We require consent from a parent or guardian to complete these interventions and without, we will be unable to proceed.

Contact Us

For more information about FIRES, please contact Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service today. Call us on 01772 862545 or fill in our contact form.