Firefighters’ safety plea for Lancashire residents trying to keep warm this winter

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Keeping warm during the winter months is beneficial for your health, but firefighters want you to stay safe too. Below are some top safety tips when it comes to heating your home.

Rooms with gas heaters and fires should be well ventilated. Only use heaters that are in good working order and keep them away from combustible materials. Portable heaters are not for drying your clothes.

Avoid storing logs by the side of fires and log burners. This dries the logs out and they become a fire hazard.

Use fireguards to prevent embers from igniting nearby combustibles and ensure the chimney is maintained regularly.

If you are warming a wheat bag up in a microwave, ensure you check the manufacturer’s instructions and your microwave settings carefully, as wheat bags can overheat.

Candles should be secured in proper holders, away from materials that can catch fire. Never leave lit candles unattended.

The Priority Services Register provides support to vulnerable people and allows utility companies to track who needs help to provide services and advice during times of uncertainty.

For further details on the three utilities Priority Services Register, see below:

Alternatively, your utility providers may have information on their website about what support you can get to help you stay safe, warm and well during winter.

You can also download the Government’s Keep Warm, Keep Well leaflet, which has some tips and advice on staying safe during colder months.