Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service’s latest podcast episode sheds light on wildfire crisis.

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Out of the Ashes: Stories from Lancashire, tells the often unseen side of emergencies and individuals stories that could help save your life. In the latest installment, Station Manager Rob Harvey discusses the serious problem of wildfires, sharing valuable insight into the causes, the devastation they can cause and reflects on how Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service is more prepared than ever before.

During the episode, listeners will explore Rob’s valuable knowledge and first- hand experience of scorching wildfires gained over 25 years as a firefighter. He explains how in hot and dry conditions BBQs, campfires and cigarettes can quickly ignite and spread. From discussions about the impacts of climate change and how this may change the nature of the fires we are currently experiencing, to the measures individuals can take to prevent incidents , this episode sheds light on the wildfire crisis.

Station Manager Rob Harvey says: “Lancashire is a fantastic area and we want you to go out, enjoy the moorlands, go for your walk and enjoy the views, but don’t take barbecues with you. Thousands of years of natural environment can be destroyed in a matter of minutes. So instead, please, pack your favourite picnic items, leave the barbecues at home and enjoy our beautiful county safely”.

Lancashire knows only too well the devastating effects of wildfires following a fire on Winter Hill near Bolton in summer 2018, which destroyed 18 square kilometres of moorland, and  a large fire started by a disposable BBQ on Darwen Moor in 2020. This is the time of the year when we see an increase of calls for moorland and grass fires and with the warm and dry weather set to continue over this summer, Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service wants everyone to take extra care and look after Lancashire.

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