Safe, Warm and Well this Winter

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Storm Ciara has brought with her strong winds and rain and over the next few days we’ll be bracing ourselves for further windy weather with snow and ice to boot. Whilst for many the thought of cosying up out of the elements is a nice one, for some people it could cause anxiety and stress. Health experts say that ideally our homes should be heated to around 18°C, but here at Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service we understand that this isn’t necessarily always as simple as it sounds. This year our winter safety campaign again focuses on staying safe, warm and well and our staff are heading out and about in local communities to offer advice and support to those who need it and so we’re encouraging people to reach out and get in touch instead of struggling on.

Jane Williams the Prevention Support Manager for Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service said:

“Fuel poverty can affect anyone. There is sometimes a belief that it only affects those on low incomes, but in reality that’s just not the case. 

The concern is that whatever the reason for living in a cold home, some people may in turn either not heat it at all or turn to alternative methods of staying warm. Whether through portable heaters, candles, open fires or cookers for example, this can be risky both from a health and wellbeing point of view and fire safety one.”

We want people to know that they don’t just have to batten down the hatches and live with the cold. We can help by offering support and fire safety guidance and put them in touch with the right people to get them the right support that they need.”

Community Safety teams will be working across Lancashire to trying to engage with those who struggle over winter, however if you or someone you know is finding it hard to keep warm then reach out  and get in touch. 

More information about the support available can be found here.

You can get in touch by telephone on 0800 169 11 25 or alternatively online at quoting campaign code WS01.

Looking after yourself this winter

  • Keep moving: Sitting in a cold room, particularly if you are unwell. It can cause underlying health problems to flair up, increases the risk of heart attacks, strokes and breathing problems too. We all know there’s health benefits to exercising but it can also help keep you warm too. Try not to sit for more that one hour at a time.
  • Hot food and drinks: drinking warm beverages and eating warm food not only gives your body energy to help keep you warm but the warm temperature will help you stay warm too.
  • Layer up: Instead of bulking up with one think layer, wear a few layers of thin clothing. This will trap heat better and help you stay warmer. Clothing made from cotton, wool or fleecy material is great for maintaining body heat.
  • Stock up: Sometimes bad weather can creep up on us at this time of year, so its an idea to be prepared. Have a look below at our preparing for emergencies advice.

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