Preparing for High Winds and Storms

Going outside or driving during high winds and storms can be dangerous so here are a couple of things for you to follow should they occur.

Travel only if necessary

During high winds and storms, the roads are extra dangerous. It is often not worth the risk of travelling during adverse weather conditions. If there are high winds or extreme rain, think about whether you really need to travel.

It's often safer to stay where you are and work from home or avoid making your trip until the weather improves.

Road safety during storms

Road safety can be seriously affected by heavy rain and high winds. Rain and road spray reduces visibility and increases stopping distances for all vehicles. High winds can also impact your steering, especially in high-sided vehicles or lightweight vehicles like motorbikes.

Here are some tips you can follow to improve your road safety in stormy weather:

  • Avoid unnecessary travel during inclement weather.

  • Drive to road conditions.

  • Reduce your speed if necessary.

  • Leave extra space between you and the vehicle in front.

  • Always use your headlights to make sure you’re visible.

  • Never drive through flood water.

Preparing for bad weather

Here are precautions you can take when extreme weather is forecast. These tips can help limit the risk of damage to your property and injury to yourself and your loved ones.

  • Sign up to weather alerts so you are warned in advance.

  • Put a care package together with torches, warm clothes, and long-life food in case you’re left isolated.

  • Put away any garden furniture and loose items that could break windows.

  • Make sure wheelie bins are secured.

  • Follow local flood group advice if you live in a high-risk area.

  • If you must drive, beware of debris on the roads.

  • Remember to call 999 straight away in an emergency.

Top safety tips

  1. Remember to secure outdoor furniture and wheelie bins as these may break windows or be blown onto roads.

  2. If you must travel, slow down and be extra vigilant for debris that might be on the roadway. Allow for extra time to complete your journey.

  3. Exposed roads - especially at the coast or on hilltops - are especially hazardous so take care if you drive.