Secure Information Box Requirements

The fire safety (England) Regulations 2022 that came into effect on 23 January 2023 require any new build over 11m or any existing build over 18m (high rise) that are for residential purposes to have a secure information box (SIB) installed.

Premises information boxes and emergency response packs within the following types of premises

  • Existing blocks of flats whose top storey floor height is 18m or more, or over six storeys (ground plus five upper storeys), whichever is the lower.

  • Existing blocks of flats whose top storey floor height is below 18m or under six storeys which have additional complexity i.e., layout, access, floor numbering, flat numbering, firefighting facilities, fire engineering etc.

  • Student accommodation designed like a block of flats, e.g., those adopting a stay put approach whose top storey floor height is 11m or more.

  • New build blocks of flats whose top storey floor height is 11m or more.

Siting of information boxes

The siting of the SIB should take into account the following:

  • The accessibility of the SIB to the FRS. The Responsible Person must satisfy themselves that the fire and rescue service have the appropriate means to access the SIB for the area where the SIB/s are to be sited.

  • The need to locate the SIB in close proximity to other systems or equipment that will be used by FRS crews during a fire (e.g., evacuation alert control and indicating equipment and smoke control equipment, rising main inlets etc.).

  • The ability of the SIB to be properly maintained.

  • Ideally, the SIB should be located internally within the building. However, if fitted externally, it should be located, preferably, in a sheltered, well-lit area.

  • If 24/7 staffing is provided, the SIB may be located within a room, such as a concierge room, provided the location of the room is such that it can be readily and quickly accessed by the FRS. In this case, directional signage may be necessary to assist the FRS.

What sort of information will be kept in an information box?

The emergency response pack (kept inside an information box) should contain information that is required for the purposes of operational firefighting and rescue. Accordingly, the contents need to be “tailor made” for the building and residents in question, but should always comprise, as a minimum:

  • Contact details for the UK based RP

  • A log book for the purposes of recording events that occur in respect of the information box system, including emergency use, system or information updates etc.

  • An ‘off the run’ notice containing details of any firefighting fixed installations which are not available for use and/or any unresolved fire safety issues.

  • A summary of information useful to the fire and rescue service on arrival at an incident.

  • An orientation plan, showing the location of the building in relation to surrounding buildings and other reference points (e.g. access roads and water supplies).

  • A building layout plan showing the internal layout, including up to date floor plans.

  • A simple layout plan (if not provided in the orientation plan) showing water supplies for firefighting including hydrants, emergency water supplies, wet riser supplies etc.

  • Simple layout plans showing facilities of relevance to operational firefighting and rescue including relevant information regarding any lift(s) intended for use by the FRS or smoke control systems.

  • Information on residents with mobility, cognitive or sensory impairment(s).

  • Significant fire safety issues – any compartmentation, external wall system or other fire safety issues which may affect fire behaviour in the premises.

  • A description of the current evacuation strategy, e.g. ‘stay put’ or ‘simultaneous evacuation’.

Following installation, the responsible person is required to supply the access details (location of key and any codes required to access) to LFRS via email. The details need to be submitted to our Built Environment Team.

You can also contact the team if you need further information.