Fire Safety for Parents

Fire safety becomes even more important around children because they might not foresee the risks.

If you’re a carer or a parent, please follow our family fire safety advice to protect your loved ones.

Fire Safety for Carers and Parents

Did you know? In England, over 350 children under the age of 11 are injured and 7 are killed in fires in accidental fires in the home every year.

Fire safety around kids

Whether you’re a parent, a carer, or a childminder, there are practical steps you can take to reduce fire risks around children. Remember: if you have a fire, get out, stay out, and call us out via 999.

Here are some common safety issues and how you can mitigate these risks:


  • If possible, keep children away from the area while you’re cooking.

  • Keep pans and hot drinks pushed back from the edge of the kitchen counter.

  • Don’t leave children unsupervised around appliances like ovens or air fryers.

  • Avoid cooking on the front hobs while children are present.

  • Learn more about cooking safety on our website.

Matches and lighters

  • Keep matches and lighters out of reach of children.

  • Place all lit candles well out of reach.

  • Only buy child-resistant lighters and keep these locked in the ‘off’ position when not in use.


  • During the winter months, supervise children around open fires and electric heaters.

  • Consider placing a guard around fires to prevent them burning themselves.

Electrical safety

  • If your child is charging a device like a tablet, teach them not to charge them overnight.

  • Do not charge devices on the bed – always use a hard, flat surface.

  • Consider inserting a plug guard into any any sockets that aren’t in use.

  • Teach your children not to put their finger or any other object into electrical outlets.

Celebrations and events

There are lots of celebrations and events like birthdays and Bonfire Night where the risks of a fire around children are heightened.

Wherever candles are involved, remember to keep children under close supervision and keep all matches and lighters out of their reach.

If you are using sparklers, consider sticking the end of the sparkler into a carrot and asking the child to hold the carrot instead. This can help to prevent burns.

Water and road safety

Fire isn’t the only risk that’s greater for children. It’s vital to teach your children good road safety and water safety to protect their safety.

Educate them not to enter open water like the sea, rivers, lakes, or reservoirs unless a lifeguard is present. Similarly, show them how to cross roads safely after looking both ways.

You can learn more about water safety and road safety on our website.


We want your children to stay safe from fire if they are sleeping at a friend’s house. It’s important to check that a responsible adult will be present in the property during children’s sleepovers. Check also that the property has working smoke alarms.

Teach your children not to hide from fire but instead to raise the alarm and to vacate as quickly and safely as possible.

You can also download our sleepover safety leaflet.