Student Fire Safety Week

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Congratulations on making it to university! Now that you’re up to speed and settled in, we hope you’re enjoying the student life.

To mark Student Fire Safety Week, Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service is happy to offer some useful advice on what to watch out for in university halls and what you can do to protect yourself.

  1. Smoke alarms – this one might sound dull, but these gizmos can be a real life-saver. Make sure they are fitted where you’re living, and test them regularly to ensure they’re still working.
  2. Escape routes – in the event of an emergency, you need to know the best way to safely exit the building. Throughout your years at school and college, you will have practiced fire drills – time to put that experience to good use! Plot escape routes and make sure your flat or housemates know them.
  3. Act fire-safe – we can all reduce the likelihood of fire through the way we act. Simple steps like not overloading plug sockets and not leaving food unattended during cooking can make a huge difference.

Using these three steps, you can protect yourself and others from serious harm.

Now that we’ve looked at these steps, why not brush up on your fire safety below? Remember: fire kills!

  • If you smoke, be extra careful when smoking inside and never smoke in bed. It’s actually much safer to smoke outside.
  • When burning candles, make sure they are on a stable surface and away from fabrics of any kind. Never leave a burning candle unattended.
  • If using a portable heater, never place clothes on top or too near it. We know drying clothes is a pain, but this can be a major fire risk!
  • When cooking, avoid leaving the kitchen. Getting distracted and leaving cooking food unattended is a major cause of accidental fire.
  • If you are drinking or taking drugs, consider ordering a food delivery rather than cooking. Using pans and ovens when intoxicated is never a good idea.

That’s it – thank you for your time! Everyone at Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service hopes you have a fantastic year at university. Remembering fire safety might not seem important, but it really is a matter of life and death. Make sure you follow fire safety guidelines and report any concerns to your building’s fire officer.

For more tips on how to stay safe at university, download our free student fire safety leaflet today!