Student Fire Safety Week

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So you’ve finally made it! You got into University, you’re living away from home for the first time and you’re ready to live the dream. This week is National Student Fire Safety Week and now you’ve had time to settle in to the flow of things in your new chapter, Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service would like to take the opportunity to offer a bit of handy fire safety advice. There are three things that we think are pretty important for you consider when it comes to fire safety:

Firstly, smoke alarms. Have you got them fitted where you’re living? Are they working? These handy little devices really are life savers and are the best way to alert you to a fire should one break out. That means, check them regularly, give them a clean with the hoover now and again if you need to and most definitely do not remove the batteries or cover them up. They are your warning system and you never know when you might need them.

Secondly, escape plans. If your smoke alarm does go off, you’re going to need to know how to get yourself to safety. You’ll have practiced escape plans a lot throughout your time in education but we really can’t emphasise the importance of having and knowing your escape plan enough, especially at home. Accidental fires in the home often occur at night time, when its dark and you’re asleep. Knowing your plan inside out and back to front means that should the worst happen, disorientation, smoke or panic won’t prevent you from putting your plan into action and getting out safely.

Finally, being fire safety savvy around the home. When it come to reducing accidental house fires, prevention is key. There are lots of things you can do to ensure you’re not putting yourself at risk of fire, such as avoiding drying clothes on heaters, not over loading electrical plug sockets and disposing of any cigarettes properly. You can download our Student fire safety leaflet for more fire safety tips.

National Student Fire Safety Week falls just as Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service launch the new cooking fire safety campaign Keep it Clean, Keep it Clear. Cooking fires and false alarms account for the majority of the call outs the Fire Service gets to student accommodation. Whether its getting distracted and forgetting you’ve left a pan on to having a cluttered and dirty cooker, cooking fires are easily avoidable. Take a look below at our tips to keep cooking fire free:

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