UK Government Publishes Fire Safety Advice for Small Premises

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On the 30 March 2023, HM Government published three new fire risk assessment guidance documents*:

  1. A guide to making your small block of flats safe from fire (Purpose Built or converted to building regs 1991 or later).
  2. A guide to making your small paying guest accommodation safe from fire.
  3. A guide to making your small non-domestic premises safe from fire.

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Why has this Guidance been Published?

This guidance has been produced in accordance with Article 50 of the Fire Safety Order (FSO). It sets out fire safety advice in more straightforward and concise language that is easier for the Responsible Persons (RPs) of smaller premises to understand and implement.

What is Article 50?

Article 50 of the Fire Safety Order places an obligation on the Secretary of State to produce guidance to support Responsible Persons in the discharge of their duties imposed by Articles 8 to 22 of the Fire Safety Order and any regulations made under Article 24.

What’s New?

The guidance in the new small premises documents is referenced from the existing fire risk assessment guidance documents and includes guidance on the requirements of the Fire Safety (England) Regulations 2022, for example providing fire safety information to residents.

What Responsible Persons Must Consider

Each guidance document explains its limitations and scope; if the nature of your premises falls outside the scope or limitations set out in the guidance, it will not be suitable to apply it to that premises.

Responsible persons with premises which are beyond the scope and limitations of the small premises documents should still refer to the relevant fire risk assessment guidance documents and/or seek guidance from a competent person.

Please contact Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service [opens in a new tab] for more information.