Flooding in northern and western Lancashire

Flooded land Download Image

At 10:00 o’clock this morning a multi-agency meeting was called wherein the situation surrounding the localised flooding in Lancaster was discussed.

Thankfully, the Met Office has forecast an improving picture over the next 24 hours with only 5-10mm of rain predicted to fall and river levels too are set to reduce.
Currently we have five ongoing incidents where crews are pumping out water in Galgate, Lancaster, Blackpool and Wyre.We estimate that there were around 120 premises which flooded overnight across the county.The Police also report that there is an improving picture with regards to roads re-opening and other highway issues are being managed locally. However, we would like to take the opportunity to remind members of the public to avoid driving through any floodwater which may still be affecting some roads.

If you have been affected by flooding at your property and would like further information on how to stay safe once the flood waters have gone you can read that here or alternatively, download our post flood safety leaflet.