Water Incident in Melling

Date: 14/01/2018

Time: 18:25:00

Address: Melling Road, Melling

Incident Number: 1801004234

Firefighters from Lancaster and Hornby were called by Ambulance crews to reports of a vehicle in the river where there was a man in the water and it was believed there may have been someone trapped in the vehicle. When crews arrived they found that the casualty who had been in the water was being treated by paramedics at the scene and so they began to make the scene safe. The Swift Water Rescue team from Preston were called to assist in checking the vehicle in the water to ensure there were no more persons involved. They used lighting equipment, small tools and swift water rescue equipment, including a surfer to turn the vehicle over in the water. Thankfully there was no one else involved in the incident. Firefighters were at the scene approximately 1 hour.